Friday, July 15, 2005

Lazy Posting

I am so tired today. Even my hair is sleepy. Not my boys tho! They were up at 6:45!! SugarDaddy & SugarPlum have gone to some pre-airshow educational thing for kids. He's going to be talking about being a pilot. He is very good at talking about that. She gets to spend half the day with a bunch of kids learning about...flying stuff I guess. All I know is I don't have to listen to how bored she is this morning & how she never gets to so ANYTHING fun. So I approve of this outing wholeheartedly. Sometime between now & Monday, I will post pix of the Sugarbabies with our friend, Scotty, who is a Thunderbird! He is so sweet. When he came for dinner last night, he brought Thunderbird pins & pictures signed by the team. The kids were thrilled.

Anyway, found
this on FARK. Seriously nasty banana recipes, accompanied by some very disturbing pictures. I woke up enough to laugh out loud! Have fun! Bananas Gone Wild!!

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