Saturday, July 30, 2005

Fajita Madness

Whew! What a day. SugarDaddy let me sleep in until nearly 10:00. And I didn't let all that rest go to waste. Once I got breakfast in me, it was time for lunch for the boys. Then, naps. Just for them, not me. We were having friends for supper, so I headed to Kroger. (For ketchup. Friends taste best with lots of ketchup.)

$200 later, I got home, put the groceries away, and marinate meat and veggies for my world famous, kick ass fajitas. Then I got busy cleaning the kitchen while SD cleaned the downstairs. This house was a wreck. (He & I were very cross with each other. It seemed that we were having a pissing contest about I don't know what. Finally, we both came to our senses.) He picked up toys, vacuumed, and even scrubbed the toilet. I worked on getting the little jobs done in the kitchen that always seem to get put off. Our friends came over & while they were at the pool, I made guacamole, fruit salad, and baked chocolate chip cookies. (okay they were those break & bake cookies. I'm not
Super Mom!) I also cleared the crap off the dining room table, put flowers in vases, and decluttered the countertop that seems to have a clutter magnet in it. (You know you have one, too, admit it!) I got my suit on, but a phone call preemted my swimming today.

Our other friends got here with the limes & margarita mix. Mmmmmmm. They are so my favorite friends of the day. (sorry, Mel) Dinner was so awesome. My fajitas truly did kick ass. I love those. We had great conversation. Lots of laughs. Especially about our "gay" dogs. But that's another post entirely. The kids ate outside on the patio table and then played - nicely! - until waaaaaaaay past their bedtimes. I got everybody showered, into PJs and bed with minimal screaming. I am wiped out. But in a good way. Hope you are having a good weekend as well.

Spell check alert: The alternative Blogger spell check gave for "bedtimes" was "beatings." Yeah, they are pretty interchangable around here!

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