Thursday, July 14, 2005


Went to bed last night with a doozy of a headache. I have chronic migraines, but this was as bad as one has been in a while. I thought it was just a tired headache at first, so I just took some ibuprofen & went to bed. It soon became obvious, as all of the pain concentrated on the left side of my head that this was a migraine. I got up to find my medicine & in my stupor, it took forever. SD got worried as I lay there in the fetal position, whimpering. Then the nausea hit. I never got sick, but those dry heaves made my head hurt worse. Finally, I was able to fall asleep by singing the lyrics to "I Can Only Imagine" in my head. I couldn't even gather my mind to pray. That was the best I could do.

SugarDaddy was very sweet. He let me sleep as late as as he could before he had to go in. I feel hung-over this morning. I always feel that way after a migraine, whether I have slept or not. Today, though, it's like somebody beat the hell out of me. It sucks. My kids may watch TV all day, just to keep things calm & quiet. Of course it is rainy today, so they can't go outside. (Thanks, Dennis) So, if you feel like babysitting, come on by. I'll be the one staring blankly out the window.

Spell Check update: From this post, blogger spell check didn't know the words "migraine," "ibuprofen," & "AS." Maybe, maybe I could somewhat overlook the first two, but "as?" WTF?

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