Sunday, July 24, 2005


I have a cousin who is probably my absolute favorite cousin. She was born my freshman year of college. She was my favorite girl until SugarPlum came along. Now, she is such a great, cool teenager that she gives me hope on those days when I need to wring SP's neck.

But, today I was reminded of when she was a very little girl, probably four or five years old. I had taken her to the movies and out for McDonald's. She had finished her fries & reached over to grab some of mine

Me: Hey! Those are my fries. Just because you ate all of yours doesn't mean you can steal mine.

Her: (all puppy eyes) Please, Buffi, can I have some of your fries??

Me: (all grown up - NOT) No Way

Her: Hmph! Jesus would let me have one of His fries!!

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