Monday, July 18, 2005

Go Google yourself!

I found this on another site, and once again cannot remember where. I am far to blonde for that. Anyway, go to Google and enter "(Your name) is." I was laughing at what I found. Note: all typos are Google's. I cut & pasted the quotes. You know it has taken all I have to allow those mistakes to remain!

Buffi is:

*Rocki is a Barred Rock, while Buffi is a Buff Orpington. They are getting quitetame and will come to eat on anything green I can offer them. ... (well, I do try to eat healthy)

*Buffi is also a Delta Airlines Flight Attendant.

*buffi is not a member of any public groups (with the exception of the Vegetarian Flight Attendants of America)

*Buffi is witty and well spoken and this interview may be the closest you can cometo reading a post from her. I think Buffi would do us all a favor by ...
(hee, hee that really is me!)

*Buffi is well on her way to becoming a champion.! (woo hoo!)

*Buffi is not happy (because Blogger keeps eating her damn posts!)

*Lol Buffi is posing for the camera again lol. (if you would put the damn thing down...)

*I'm beginning to think Buffi is right (What? You doubted me?)

*Okay and what'ssome in game comments supposed to prove, that Buffi is cheating? ... (Shhhhh! Don't tell SugarDaddy!)

*Buffi is the The Strumpet (Terribly judgmental, no?)

*... Úgy ahogy ott fent a kedves kormányunkban teszik. Ahogyan buffi is mondja,lehetne hasznosabb dolgokra költeni az ország pénzét. ... (Well, now you're just talkin' crazy)

And? Buffi is sleepy! So I'll be going to bed soon. That was a lot of fun. Try it if you haven't before. And that one that is really me? It was from Muzikdude. Blogger doesn't seem to want me to link it (I guess) so I will do it last.

So HERE (I think I fixed the link)

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